You may just want to play in the dirt. Trust us – we understand! Even if Shaffer Landscape, Inc. maintains your landscape or is designing and installing a new outdoor area for you, you may still feel the itch to dig a little. There are some things you can be doing in the dirt during March and April, but don’t be lured into planting warm-weather plants yet – even if you see them at your local garden center!

  • Cool weather annuals: These hard-working plants may have one more good round of blooms left. Go ahead and exchange them for fresh ones or take your chances by dead-heading what you have.
  • Cool weather veggies: Broccoli and other cooler-temp loving veggies are on the menu.
  • Sow indoors: If there is still a chance of freeze or frost, sow your seeds inside in containers and they will be ready to enter your ornamental or vegetable garden as soon as the danger of frost passes.