It’s a weird time of year in the metro Atlanta area, isn’t it? Indeed, around the south we are still experiencing chilly weather interspersed with warmer temps. Trees are budding, hydrangeas show new growth, and yet daffodils and other early-blooming bulbs have only recently pronounced spring around the corner.

Now is the perfect time to mulch and plan! You can be sure that warmer weather will find its way to us – it always does – so why not be ready with an updated outdoor living space that will make a stay-cation a pleasure? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Prune! A well-maintained outdoor area shows pride of ownership, whether it’s on commercial property or residential property. Part of maintenance is knowing when and where to prune. Some plants bloom on old growth, while others bloom on new growth. Pruning is important, but especially this year as we remove much of the dead areas that fell victim to the polar vortex. Just ensure that you know what you are pruning or you may end up with no blooms.
  • Plan! It’s not too late to plan for your dream area, even if it’s a phase at a time. Here at Shaffer Landscape, Inc., we are committed to working with projects of all sizes, so don’t decide you can’t afford an exquisite professionally designed area until you actually talk with a designer. Don’t delay, though, you’ll want those new pavers in before it warms up.
  • Pretty ┬áIt Up! Accessories can make a big statement when it comes to your outdoor living area. Inspiration is as close as our galleries or the nearest paint store. Find beautiful colors you love and then choose outdoor pots, outdoor furniture or outdoor lanterns in those colors.

Don’t despair, friends. Your landscape dreams can still come true and there is still time to make the most of this in-between time of year. We hope to hear from you soon.